9 Tips To Stay Fit When You Travel

1.  First things first. Plan ahead! Know what the hotel has to offer for fitness facilities. Do they have a pool, fitness center, walking trails?  I stay at hotels that I know have good gyms, or are close to a great place where I can go for a run or take a yoga class.  Example: last week In LA. The hotel had a lap pool and a yoga studio one block away. I checked the classes ahead and added them to my calendar. I Planned which days I would swim and brought goggles. In Hawaii the week before, no gym needed. I would be hiking, walking around the island, swimming in the ocean and paddle boarding. I plan my workouts like I plan meetings and practice.


2. I use DUFL.  Not enough room in your suitcase for a work trip for sneakers and workout clothes. No problem, I use DUFL. I plan ahead of time to select items in my closet that I will need for that trip. When I’m heading to Vegas, I need room for extra dresses, heels and my camera. So, I select my workout and golf clothes. They arrive at the hotel before me. And the best part is that I pack them back up and leave my DUFL suitcase and they get sent back to my DUFL closet. This has changed my travel on the go lifestyle significantly. Check out it out for more details!


3.  Bring healthy snacks and always plan ahead. Before I leave, I stock up on protein bars and healthy snacks. I like Kind bars and Zing bars. I always have them in my golf bag.  Yes, this is my lunch bag. I bring a lunch cooler with me every day. I never leave without a few protein bars or water bottle. If it’s a 7 day trip, I bring a dozen bars. I always keep 4 in my carry-on luggage so I am not tempted if there is a flight cancellation or delay on plane. I pack my lunch the night before and plan snacks for the day ahead.

4.  I do a lot of in hotel workouts.  I travel with my laptop. I pop in a workout dvd and get my work out done in the privacy of my hotel room. Sometimes you just want to keep it simple and avoid the busy hotel gym. Especially if you are at a work conference. My favorite DVDs are Chalene Johnson PiYo. Insanity DVDs and Brooklyn Decker yoga. No Dvd drive?  Just go onto YouTube. My favorite YouTube workouts are: Tone it up and I also love Boho Beautiful Yoga.


5.  Bullet Blender. Yes, I travel with my little blender. I have a protein shake every morning after I workout and sometimes in the afternoon too. I know I could use the blender bottle, but I love to have a good protein smoothie in the am. I add fiber, collagen and almond butter to my chocolate OWYN protein powder. Which comes in packets. It mixes well with water and ice too. Starts my day off with good nutrition and keeps away the stress of finding something to eat before a busy day.

6. Pack your vitamins. This is a must. You need to stay healthy on the road. Get a baggie for each day and put your daily dose of vitamins in there.  I also like multi vitamin packs. I throw 7 packs in for a week on the road.

7. Water. Drink as much water as you possibly can. On the plane I drink a 16oz bottle an hour. Flying dehydrates you. You think you could be hungry but may just be thirsty. Water is good for your skin, and for everything inside and out. So drink up!  Bring the largest bottle you can onto the plane. Those little cups aren’t going to cut it. In the morning before coffee, drink 20oz of water. Keep it by your bed and get the water down before you do anything.  After travel, you need to more water. Also get your water before you get to the room because there never seems to be enough water in hotel rooms. I always ask front desk for extra bottles every day or where I can refill them. Being smart will avoid paying $10 a bottle. And you can also avoid the mindset of “I don’t want to spend that on water” and not end up drinking it.


8. Check menus of restaurants. If you are on a work trip and you know you will be eating a certain restaurant.  Check out the menu ahead of time. Nothing works with your diet?  Just eat before. Then have a salad, appetizer or soup. If there are healthy eats, decide before what you are going to order.  This helps to not order something you’ll regret for your diet or weight goals because you were hungry or someone influenced your order. It happens. If you are solo, I order room service. Most hotels will help you with your dietary goals.   My go to dinner room service is poached salmon with steamed veggies, steak with no butter, no seasoning and steamed veggies or a large salad with protein. If you are in a special city with a special restaurant, go for it. Have your cheat meal when you travel.  Don’t deprive yourself.  If I know I’m going to have a special dinner at my favorite southern food place, I wait til last day to go there. Eat well all week.  On the day of a special meal, I pay close attention to my diet, get my workout in and drink plenty of water. I stick to steakhouses when I get to choose the restaurant. Flemmings and Outback are some of my favorites.

9. Grocery shop when you land if you are going to be somewhere for a week.  When I land, I beline to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. I get the healthy foods I need.  If I was lucky to book a house or room with kitchen, then I cook all week.  That’s an easy way to stick to your diet. For me that’s only 10 percent of the time.  I’m generally in and out of a city in a few days, and have business dinners or lunches. Or I’m there for tournaments. We have great food at the course and host hotels. Internationally I do the same! I have made lamb meatloaf in Australia. Ostrich burgers in South Africa, Fresh caught Fish in Mexico and Hawaii, and food from local markets in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Iceland.

I hope these help!  I’d love to know what else you guys do.  Share with me in the comments!  I have tried it all. Traveling with TRX yoga mats and bands. I have brought an extra suitcase of food.  I have spent more money to stay in a hotel with kitchen. For me it’s about enjoying life on the road. I love to try food and workouts in new cities. Especially when I travel internationally.  Japan, France, Singapore, Scotland, Mexico. I use these tips at all these places. I do bring international converter for my blender. I once started a small smoke fire at the St Andrews Turnberry hotel, short circuited many blenders in Europe and Asia too

9 Tips for Better Sleep

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I love to sleep. 8.5 hours and I am full of energy and ready to take on the day, complete with a morning workout.  It’s sleep awareness week.  I use to have trouble sleeping back in 2008.  I took Ambien, Advil PM, Tylenol PM.  I couldn’t sleep with the use of over the counter sleep aids. Plus I felt irritable and hung over in the AM. With Jet Lag from international travel, coast to coast time changes and red eyes, I needed to perform as an athlete and make my appearances and train.  I read sleep books, I asked doctors. I asked friends who were athletes and successful in business. I finally went to a sleep institute.  After two weeks I learned how to take care of my health and I learned how to sleep and how to turn off my brain.  I’m no doctor, but here’s what works for me.
I don’t always sleep well. But I have overcome the label “I’m not a good sleeper.”  Friends make fun of me when I say goodnight at 8 o’clock.  I’m asleep by 10 o’clock, but I wake up at 5:30 am with boundless energy.  Here are the things that have worked for me.  Please share what things help you get the right amount of sleep in the comments!
1.  Figure out how many hours of sleep you really need to feel good.  Is it 4, 6, 9 hours?  It varies person to person, so find out what works for you!
2.  No heavy talks or working within 2 hours of going to bed.  Use the day time for problem solving and resolving issues.  For me, the cutoff is 7pm.
3.  Have a night time routine before bed.  Mine includes taking a bath, laying out clothes, water, snacks for the next day.  I also set time aside for vanity and dental hygiene.
4.  I take 5mg of Melatonin.  This brand is what I take and love.
5.  Stretch before you go to sleep.  10 minutes makes a huge difference for my back and my brain.
6.  Stop caffeine use 8 hours before bedtime.
7.  Keep the lights low one hour before bed.  Relaxing music, or watching something calm on tv is good.  Try and stay away from the News and violent tv shows!
8.  Find a sleep meditation to practice if you have trouble falling asleep.  Here’s a good podcast to checkout!
9.  Stay in bed for at least 7 to 9 hours.  Whatever is ideal for you.  Even if you can’t sleep, stay in bed.  Read a book, watch a relaxing tv show, and let your body rest.  Try these sheets on Amazon.  They are affordable, comfortable and hypoallergenic.  I love having nice sheets on my bed, it makes laying in bed more enjoyable.
Stick with it!  Commit to good sleep habits for a month.  The biggest change for me was letting my brain rest.  Let me know what works for you!

9 Tips I Give at a Golf Clinic

I love golf.  I love to play with my friends, I love to compete on tour, and I love to learn from the best in the game.  One of my favorite things to do is teach golf clinics.  I definitely can’t fix your golf swing but I can give you tips on how to lower your scores, have more fun, and be more consistent. I do golf clinics out on tour as well as at my charity golf tournaments and at corporate golf days.  Each event usually wants to learn different things. Monday I did a clinic that included The tips below.  I hope that you can use some of these in your game.  I’d love to hear if you’ve ever been to a clinic, and what you like to see more of!


1. First things first.  The warm up and getting ready to play.  You need to focus on your alignment. When you practice take advantage of the little sticks you see on every driving range or keep one in your bag.  They are available at Home Depot. The tour players use them. They help with your alignment during your set up.  Using the alignment stick helps you start in the best position. You can put the golf ball on either side of the stick.

2.  This goes without saying, but allowing enough time before your round can really pay off.  Make sure you get to the golf course at least 30 minutes before.  Go in the locker room to get some active stretches in and get to the range with enough time so that you can work on your tempo and timing. Before I play a tournament, I try to get to the course two hours before.  I spend that time: 15 minutes stretching, 15 minutes eating,  and an hour for my actual golf warm up.  If I’m just playing for fun or playing in a money match at the golf course, I get to the course an hour before my tee time.


3.  When you’re on the putting green it’s important to not only putt three and four footers.  As we know, it’s important to make those throughout the round but also get a feel for the speed of the greens.  I recently did a clinic with my coach Butch Harmon. He said is it of the upmost importance to lag before you play, because there’s a really good chance you will not hit everything to four feet that day.

4.  Make sure your equipment is set up. This is so important because there are new clubs coming out for manufacturers every year. Taylor Made has the new M4 Twist Face Driver.  You can find a driver that you hit the furtherest with, then dial it in to hit more fairways.  It’s important to make sure that you work with a local rep or get into a golf pro shop.  Figure out what your numbers are and get fit for an optimum set up that will help with distance and direction. Technology has really helped players find the equipment that is perfect for your swing.

5. The importance of a pre-shot routine has been said over and over again for good reason.  If you’re having the best round of your life or you’re trying to break in 70 for the first time or win a $20 bet off your friends.  Keeping to your pre-shot routine every shot start to finish can really pay off with lowering your scores and helping you with consistency.


6.  Many of you might have a physical pre-shot routine but have a mental pre-shot routine as wellWhat I mean by this is have something you’re going to focus on while you’re doing your physical pre-shot routine.  It could be “this is going to be the best shot of my life” one swing though (just pick one thing). For me it’s “turn into the right knee and swing down the line.”  By having something to focus on, you’ll eliminate  those other thoughts that creep into your mind before you’re going to hit the ball.  If you do get one of those bad thoughts,  just replace it with “this is going to be the best shot of my life.”  I’m sure that being positive can really pay off in having more consistent, solid shots.

7. Golf is a sport. Be athletic!  Many golfers try to be too technical and try to play “golf swing.”   Golf is a sport. You don’t think about much when you throw a ball.  The grip pressure? How far you bring your arm back? It’s the same thing with golf.  Use your feel and athleticism to hit solid shots.

8. Stay in the present.   Golf is a long game sometimes, taking between four and five hours.  It’s important to stay in the present.  It doesn’t matter what you did off the first tee, the score you made on the third hole, or the shot that you just hit out of bounds. What is most important is the shot you’re currently hitting. Try to develop a habit of staying in the present and having a short term memory for whatever happened before.  You can go over all your mis-hits, bad swings, bad decisions after you play.  Don’t do it during the round you’re currently playing.

9. I’m always really surprised when I meet amateurs in Pro-Ams and they don’t know how far they hit their irons.  They have two clubs that go the same distance.  Or a gap of 5 yards between wedges. One tip that I give friends who are just starting off or are even amateurs is a take a sharpie and write down the distances that you carry each club.  What’s important is that you know how far you carry each iron.  For me personally, I carry a 9 iron 135 and a 7 iron 155. I have a 10 yard interval in between my irons and 15 yard gap in my wedges.  It’s also important to know how far you hit your clubs, and to see if you have the best set up.  You should carry rescues too.

Good luck. I hope you try these!


9 Tips For Your Golf Game in Winter

Winter is never a favorite season for golfers!  Many days are spent watching golf and counting the days until courses open again. But fear not! The winter season does not mean that you can’t improve your swing, game and be ready for the 2018 season. Most professionals take an off season. It’s good for the mind and body. But then they come out fresh and ready! Here are some things you can do if you are reading this with your favorite courses under snow.


It is great practice to simply work on your putting stroke on the carpet inside.  All you need is a straight line.  Put down a piece of duck tape, 24 inches on the tile and work on your stroke. If you do this with good form 100x a day, your stroke will be more consistent than when you took your winter break.



Really stretch and actually do it. 15 min a day. Put a towel in front of the TV or stand in golf posture and work on your rotation, stretch your shoulders, hips, and hamstrings.  You’re going to be watching football, so take the commercial breaks and get in some stretches.



This is a great time to get your clubs re-gripped.  The rain and sweat in those grips adds up.  There is no better feel than a fresh set of grips.  Its your only connection to the club.  Start the season with new grips.


When a tour player is making a swing change, oftentimes they don’t do all the work on the practice range. A great place to make those swing changes is in front of a mirror, inside. You can work on your set up or on your shoulder turn. If you are instructed to change your grip, then this is the time!  Get comfortable with a new grip in the winter and swing in front of the mirror…carefully!



Read a golf book about the mental side of the game.  It could be the biggest improvement in your game and help you lower scores and enjoy your rounds.  Many of your buddies probably aren’t reading a book on how to get sharper and more focused with their game, so you will come out with a fresh mind set. My favorite mental golf books are:
“Learn to Win One shot at a Time” Dr Morris Pickens
“The Pro” Butch Harmon
“Unconcious Putting” Dave Stockton
“Every Shot Must Have a Purpose” Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott
“Tiger Woods: How I play Golf” Tiger Woods
“Golf In the Kingdom”  Michael Murphy


No reason to wait until the weather is better. Most golf teachers have an indoor or covered facility.  Go into a TopGolf, Golfsmith, Roger Dunn and get your swing analyzed and see where it’s at and evaluate what you need to work on to get dialed in before the season.



You knew it was coming! Getting your core stronger equals longer drives, more consistent shots, and a natural brace to prevent injuries.  Find a way to make core strengthening more enjoyable. Get it done early in the day, in the gym, or watching the news.  It’s a must for golf and life!



By now you know what to work on in your swing. Swing inside 100 times a day.  Go through the swings meticulously.  Feel what you are trying to do.  This is really important practice and the best way to stay sharp and break the habits of last year.


You can do this inside and it’s so important to make sure that your clubs loft and lie have not changed. Also that your clubs are actually set up for you!!!  Check your wedges and make sure everything is in order. No need to have an 8 iron & 9 iron that have the same loft. It happens. Clubs change through travel and cart use.

Enjoy the last few weeks of  winter and work on these 9 tips to get you ready for your Best Golf season yet!!!!!!!!

9 Last Minute Gifts 

I am not much of the wait until last minute type.  But still there is always a person that comes up at the last minute, and you are not sure what to give them. Here are a few of my favorite things this season, and also gifts that I have purchased in the last week for friends, family and parties.  No gift cards, and these are in no particular order.
1. Beats Headphones.  Over the ear and wireless.  It does not matter how many pairs I have,  I always get excited about a new pair and also a new color.
2. Travel Luggage.   New golf travel bag or a roller bag. I travel a lot and good luggage is key!  I use Club Glove.  Its light and waterproof and can be linked together. It makes traveling so much easier.  Buy a bright color so the new luggage doesn’t look like every other black suitcase! I travel with purple and I buy friends red and camo.
3. Book.  I have bought Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah for all of my female friends. It’s so good.  It’s a must read. My second favorite gift book is The Success Principals by Jack Canfield.  Its a must read for anyone that wants to get from “where you are to, where you want to be.”  I read it every year. Give a book that inspires you.
4. Journal. Write in the first page, it makes it very personal.  Everyone needs a place to write. A new journal is a fresh start. 
5. Game. I love games!  My new favorite is called Name 5.  My all time favorite is Scategories.
Image result for name 5 game
6. Best Golf Gift is a New Golf Bag. I love to get a new golf bag. On Tour at home. The new Taylor Made light carry bags are great.  Bags go through the elements in the year. 
7. A lesson to get better at something. At golf, cooking, photography or anything else. One of my favorite gifts to get and give is a one hour lesson to just get better.
8.  Chili Pad. its an amazing addition for couples!  It keeps the bed cool on one side or warm on the other.  It solves many sleeping temperature challenges.
9.  Sunglasses.  I love getting new Sunglasses!!!  Pick a company that gives back. Diff is fun! Plus for every pair, they sell then donate a pair of  reading glasses to some one in need. Eyes on Africa. I love companies that give back.
If you did not find what you are looking for, let me know, I can post more!  Please let me know what you guys think are great last minute gifts also.  I love getting new ideas!

10 Tips I Use To Drop 10 lbs



One of the questions I get asked the most is how to lose 10 lbs. As an athlete and someone who’s done several photo shoots.  I think I have simple strategies that produce the results you are looking for.  These strategies are what I use to get ready for a photo shoot or if I need to get back to my ideal weight.  Just recently I had back surgery (6 weeks ago), where I found myself 15 lbs heavier due to inactivity, inflammation and too much cookie dough.  I am not a doctor or nutritionist, I just wanted to share tips that I have learned from working with professional trainers, nutritionists, feedback from other athletes and models and tricks I’ve used to get ready for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit or just wanting to fit in my jeans again.  I like many of you, read every shape magazine, health magazine and question friends that seems to be on a fitness kick- diet trick.  Here are my tried n True 10…so I hope some of these work for you, I’d love to hear what you’ve learned also!

  1. Workout early!! preferably first thing in the morning.  This is important because it’s a great way to wake up your brain and your body, and it sets the whole tone for the rest of your day. Bonus: you can check it off of your list right away.IMG_2597
  2. I sleep in my workout clothes, or have them very accessible in the morning.  My favorite early morning workouts are running, hiking and yoga.  I often workout at 6 am and sometimes I am trying to finish my cup of coffee while standing on the treadmill or on the go.
  3. Keep a food journal.  It’s simple, tedious, and effective.  Whether you grabbed a handful of M&M’s or took a few french fries off of a friend’s plate a dinner like I do, data and accountability always work.  I track sleep, what I ate and when I ate (so many times I overindulged when I waited too long in between meals).D6A3E307-2F2B-4AFD-AF27-70768532DF37
  4. What I actually eat in a day when I’m trying to lose weight: high protein, lots of vegetables, low sodium meals and 100 calories of cheating (glass of wine, chocolate, etc). A typical day for me looks like: 2 cups of coffee, protein shake (consisting of chocolate whey, chia seeds, nut butter), snack three hours later (protein bar, 250 calories or less), lunch [another protein shake if I’m busy, or chicken, fish, salad (about 500 calories)], snack another protein bar or any snack of choice that’s high protein and 300 calories or less (another great snack I’ll have is a cappuccino and handful of almonds).  For dinner I’ll usually have beef, buffalo or fish (4 – 6 oz).  For an after dinner snack, I’ll have some dark chocolate and healthy popcorn.369B3361-DA7D-4459-A994-408D7D3AE85A
  5. Vitamins.  It’s so important to take them.  I take Brain MD pack Vitamins that I buy on Amazon.  They are packed with everything you need to keep your brain and body functioning well.  I have found that this keeps my mind and focus off of eating. Find  a potent multi or vita pak  and actually take it.IMG-0763
  6. Find a workout you actually like! My favs: paddle boarding, hot yoga, group classes. fitness videos on YouTube.  I travel about 30 weeks a year, so workouts that require little equipment are really good for my lifestyle.  When I travel, I like to wakeup, throw my headphones on and go explore a city, beach or golf course.  In a hotel, I’ll go to the gym or put on a YouTube workout.  Some of my favorites are: Boho Beautiful and Tone It Up. My fitness philosophy is 2 days per week of: yoga, cardio, lifting and go all out for 1 hour first thing each morning.IMG-0729
  7. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning.  It helps hold you accountable and seeing success is a great positive motivator.  I weigh in 6 days a week, and skip the day after I cheat.
  8. Set a date when you can complete it, and pick a non food reward.  I am 5′ 9″ and my average and ideal weight is about 125 lbs. My rewards are usually new jeans, shoes or spa day3C0BBEE2-68BC-4457-B7A2-FA11E6103903
  9. Cheat Meal.  Sunday afternoon is my cheat meal.  I have eaten up to 1000 calories while cheating.  Don’t weigh in the next day.  This is important because if you’re craving something during the week you can preselect a day that works well for your schedule to be able to have something so you don’t feel deprived.
  10. Water.  I try to drink my ideal weight in ounces of water every day. This is so important and easy to skip. track it!  sounds like a lot of water it is!

In conclusion, there’s a lot of ways to lose weight.  But these things have worked well for me.  These are really simple ways that allow me to lose weight while maintaining a realistic lifestyle.  I can travel and keep my routine the same.  When I go out to eat, I always order meat and vegetables with no butter and no seasoning.  If you can find a partner to join you in your goal all the better.  Good Luck!!

Upcoming Fundraiser for the Natalie Gulbis Boys and Girls Club


As many of you know, my greatest professional accomplishment was opening up the Natalie Gulbis Boys and Girls Club in Las Vegas in 2010. Every day since, it has remained one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. From time spent at the club enjoying laughs with the kids and working on golf fundraisers, it has all been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

The kids are absolutely amazing and take such incredible pride in being a part of the club. They are so grateful for every field trip, tutoring session, any activity that the club provides. To this day, one of my favorite parts of coming to the club is the overwhelming excitement and warm hugs I’m greeted with every time I visit. I love hearing stories about what each individual has accomplished since my last visit.

Some of the photos include painting pumpkins for breast cancer awareness month, time at the golf course, and a field trip to a playground to play golfball (a combo of golf and baseball). I can’t believe that this is the 15th charity golf event I’ve been involved in benefiting the Boys and Girls Clubs. This year we are excited to move to a new golf course, Spanish Trail. Last year will be hard to top with the generous donation from PGA tour star Ryan Moore and the opportunity to host a golf clinic with my coach of 17 years, Butch Harmon.  Last year, despite arriving by helicopter, the 2015 champions couldn’t repeat. Maybe this year the helicopter ride will give 2016 champions the motivation they need to get it done again. I can’t believe that this year’s event is just a week away! I’m excited to share photos with everybody during the day and throughout the process.
For those of you who don’t know, the Boys and Girls Clubs provide after-school programs for young people, helping millions of kids and teens develop essential skills, make lasting connections and have fun. Club members experience a safe place to learn, play and grow with caring mentors, enriching programs, experiences, and activities.
If you’d like to be involved, play in the tournament or support the club in any way, feel free to contribute through the website at bgcsnv.org/donation