10 Tips I Use To Drop 10 lbs



One of the questions I get asked the most is how to lose 10 lbs. As an athlete and someone who’s done several photo shoots.  I think I have simple strategies that produce the results you are looking for.  These strategies are what I use to get ready for a photo shoot or if I need to get back to my ideal weight.  Just recently I had back surgery (6 weeks ago), where I found myself 15 lbs heavier due to inactivity, inflammation and too much cookie dough.  I am not a doctor or nutritionist, I just wanted to share tips that I have learned from working with professional trainers, nutritionists, feedback from other athletes and models and tricks I’ve used to get ready for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit or just wanting to fit in my jeans again.  I like many of you, read every shape magazine, health magazine and question friends that seems to be on a fitness kick- diet trick.  Here are my tried n True 10…so I hope some of these work for you, I’d love to hear what you’ve learned also!

  1. Workout early!! preferably first thing in the morning.  This is important because it’s a great way to wake up your brain and your body, and it sets the whole tone for the rest of your day. Bonus: you can check it off of your list right away.IMG_2597
  2. I sleep in my workout clothes, or have them very accessible in the morning.  My favorite early morning workouts are running, hiking and yoga.  I often workout at 6 am and sometimes I am trying to finish my cup of coffee while standing on the treadmill or on the go.
  3. Keep a food journal.  It’s simple, tedious, and effective.  Whether you grabbed a handful of M&M’s or took a few french fries off of a friend’s plate a dinner like I do, data and accountability always work.  I track sleep, what I ate and when I ate (so many times I overindulged when I waited too long in between meals).D6A3E307-2F2B-4AFD-AF27-70768532DF37
  4. What I actually eat in a day when I’m trying to lose weight: high protein, lots of vegetables, low sodium meals and 100 calories of cheating (glass of wine, chocolate, etc). A typical day for me looks like: 2 cups of coffee, protein shake (consisting of chocolate whey, chia seeds, nut butter), snack three hours later (protein bar, 250 calories or less), lunch [another protein shake if I’m busy, or chicken, fish, salad (about 500 calories)], snack another protein bar or any snack of choice that’s high protein and 300 calories or less (another great snack I’ll have is a cappuccino and handful of almonds).  For dinner I’ll usually have beef, buffalo or fish (4 – 6 oz).  For an after dinner snack, I’ll have some dark chocolate and healthy popcorn.369B3361-DA7D-4459-A994-408D7D3AE85A
  5. Vitamins.  It’s so important to take them.  I take Brain MD pack Vitamins that I buy on Amazon.  They are packed with everything you need to keep your brain and body functioning well.  I have found that this keeps my mind and focus off of eating. Find  a potent multi or vita pak  and actually take it.IMG-0763
  6. Find a workout you actually like! My favs: paddle boarding, hot yoga, group classes. fitness videos on YouTube.  I travel about 30 weeks a year, so workouts that require little equipment are really good for my lifestyle.  When I travel, I like to wakeup, throw my headphones on and go explore a city, beach or golf course.  In a hotel, I’ll go to the gym or put on a YouTube workout.  Some of my favorites are: Boho Beautiful and Tone It Up. My fitness philosophy is 2 days per week of: yoga, cardio, lifting and go all out for 1 hour first thing each morning.IMG-0729
  7. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning.  It helps hold you accountable and seeing success is a great positive motivator.  I weigh in 6 days a week, and skip the day after I cheat.
  8. Set a date when you can complete it, and pick a non food reward.  I am 5′ 9″ and my average and ideal weight is about 125 lbs. My rewards are usually new jeans, shoes or spa day3C0BBEE2-68BC-4457-B7A2-FA11E6103903
  9. Cheat Meal.  Sunday afternoon is my cheat meal.  I have eaten up to 1000 calories while cheating.  Don’t weigh in the next day.  This is important because if you’re craving something during the week you can preselect a day that works well for your schedule to be able to have something so you don’t feel deprived.
  10. Water.  I try to drink my ideal weight in ounces of water every day. This is so important and easy to skip. track it!  sounds like a lot of water it is!

In conclusion, there’s a lot of ways to lose weight.  But these things have worked well for me.  These are really simple ways that allow me to lose weight while maintaining a realistic lifestyle.  I can travel and keep my routine the same.  When I go out to eat, I always order meat and vegetables with no butter and no seasoning.  If you can find a partner to join you in your goal all the better.  Good Luck!!

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