9 Last Minute Gifts 

I am not much of the wait until last minute type.  But still there is always a person that comes up at the last minute, and you are not sure what to give them. Here are a few of my favorite things this season, and also gifts that I have purchased in the last week for friends, family and parties.  No gift cards, and these are in no particular order.
1. Beats Headphones.  Over the ear and wireless.  It does not matter how many pairs I have,  I always get excited about a new pair and also a new color.
2. Travel Luggage.   New golf travel bag or a roller bag. I travel a lot and good luggage is key!  I use Club Glove.  Its light and waterproof and can be linked together. It makes traveling so much easier.  Buy a bright color so the new luggage doesn’t look like every other black suitcase! I travel with purple and I buy friends red and camo.
3. Book.  I have bought Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah for all of my female friends. It’s so good.  It’s a must read. My second favorite gift book is The Success Principals by Jack Canfield.  Its a must read for anyone that wants to get from “where you are to, where you want to be.”  I read it every year. Give a book that inspires you.
4. Journal. Write in the first page, it makes it very personal.  Everyone needs a place to write. A new journal is a fresh start. 
5. Game. I love games!  My new favorite is called Name 5.  My all time favorite is Scategories.
Image result for name 5 game
6. Best Golf Gift is a New Golf Bag. I love to get a new golf bag. On Tour at home. The new Taylor Made light carry bags are great.  Bags go through the elements in the year. 
7. A lesson to get better at something. At golf, cooking, photography or anything else. One of my favorite gifts to get and give is a one hour lesson to just get better.
8.  Chili Pad. its an amazing addition for couples!  It keeps the bed cool on one side or warm on the other.  It solves many sleeping temperature challenges.
9.  Sunglasses.  I love getting new Sunglasses!!!  Pick a company that gives back. Diff is fun! Plus for every pair, they sell then donate a pair of  reading glasses to some one in need. Eyes on Africa. I love companies that give back.
If you did not find what you are looking for, let me know, I can post more!  Please let me know what you guys think are great last minute gifts also.  I love getting new ideas!

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