9 Tips To Stay Fit When You Travel

1.  First things first. Plan ahead! Know what the hotel has to offer for fitness facilities. Do they have a pool, fitness center, walking trails?  I stay at hotels that I know have good gyms, or are close to a great place where I can go for a run or take a yoga class.  Example: last week In LA. The hotel had a lap pool and a yoga studio one block away. I checked the classes ahead and added them to my calendar. I Planned which days I would swim and brought goggles. In Hawaii the week before, no gym needed. I would be hiking, walking around the island, swimming in the ocean and paddle boarding. I plan my workouts like I plan meetings and practice.


2. I use DUFL.  Not enough room in your suitcase for a work trip for sneakers and workout clothes. No problem, I use DUFL. I plan ahead of time to select items in my closet that I will need for that trip. When I’m heading to Vegas, I need room for extra dresses, heels and my camera. So, I select my workout and golf clothes. They arrive at the hotel before me. And the best part is that I pack them back up and leave my DUFL suitcase and they get sent back to my DUFL closet. This has changed my travel on the go lifestyle significantly. Check out it out for more details!


3.  Bring healthy snacks and always plan ahead. Before I leave, I stock up on protein bars and healthy snacks. I like Kind bars and Zing bars. I always have them in my golf bag.  Yes, this is my lunch bag. I bring a lunch cooler with me every day. I never leave without a few protein bars or water bottle. If it’s a 7 day trip, I bring a dozen bars. I always keep 4 in my carry-on luggage so I am not tempted if there is a flight cancellation or delay on plane. I pack my lunch the night before and plan snacks for the day ahead.

4.  I do a lot of in hotel workouts.  I travel with my laptop. I pop in a workout dvd and get my work out done in the privacy of my hotel room. Sometimes you just want to keep it simple and avoid the busy hotel gym. Especially if you are at a work conference. My favorite DVDs are Chalene Johnson PiYo. Insanity DVDs and Brooklyn Decker yoga. No Dvd drive?  Just go onto YouTube. My favorite YouTube workouts are: Tone it up and I also love Boho Beautiful Yoga.


5.  Bullet Blender. Yes, I travel with my little blender. I have a protein shake every morning after I workout and sometimes in the afternoon too. I know I could use the blender bottle, but I love to have a good protein smoothie in the am. I add fiber, collagen and almond butter to my chocolate OWYN protein powder. Which comes in packets. It mixes well with water and ice too. Starts my day off with good nutrition and keeps away the stress of finding something to eat before a busy day.

6. Pack your vitamins. This is a must. You need to stay healthy on the road. Get a baggie for each day and put your daily dose of vitamins in there.  I also like multi vitamin packs. I throw 7 packs in for a week on the road.

7. Water. Drink as much water as you possibly can. On the plane I drink a 16oz bottle an hour. Flying dehydrates you. You think you could be hungry but may just be thirsty. Water is good for your skin, and for everything inside and out. So drink up!  Bring the largest bottle you can onto the plane. Those little cups aren’t going to cut it. In the morning before coffee, drink 20oz of water. Keep it by your bed and get the water down before you do anything.  After travel, you need to more water. Also get your water before you get to the room because there never seems to be enough water in hotel rooms. I always ask front desk for extra bottles every day or where I can refill them. Being smart will avoid paying $10 a bottle. And you can also avoid the mindset of “I don’t want to spend that on water” and not end up drinking it.


8. Check menus of restaurants. If you are on a work trip and you know you will be eating a certain restaurant.  Check out the menu ahead of time. Nothing works with your diet?  Just eat before. Then have a salad, appetizer or soup. If there are healthy eats, decide before what you are going to order.  This helps to not order something you’ll regret for your diet or weight goals because you were hungry or someone influenced your order. It happens. If you are solo, I order room service. Most hotels will help you with your dietary goals.   My go to dinner room service is poached salmon with steamed veggies, steak with no butter, no seasoning and steamed veggies or a large salad with protein. If you are in a special city with a special restaurant, go for it. Have your cheat meal when you travel.  Don’t deprive yourself.  If I know I’m going to have a special dinner at my favorite southern food place, I wait til last day to go there. Eat well all week.  On the day of a special meal, I pay close attention to my diet, get my workout in and drink plenty of water. I stick to steakhouses when I get to choose the restaurant. Flemmings and Outback are some of my favorites.

9. Grocery shop when you land if you are going to be somewhere for a week.  When I land, I beline to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. I get the healthy foods I need.  If I was lucky to book a house or room with kitchen, then I cook all week.  That’s an easy way to stick to your diet. For me that’s only 10 percent of the time.  I’m generally in and out of a city in a few days, and have business dinners or lunches. Or I’m there for tournaments. We have great food at the course and host hotels. Internationally I do the same! I have made lamb meatloaf in Australia. Ostrich burgers in South Africa, Fresh caught Fish in Mexico and Hawaii, and food from local markets in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Iceland.

I hope these help!  I’d love to know what else you guys do.  Share with me in the comments!  I have tried it all. Traveling with TRX yoga mats and bands. I have brought an extra suitcase of food.  I have spent more money to stay in a hotel with kitchen. For me it’s about enjoying life on the road. I love to try food and workouts in new cities. Especially when I travel internationally.  Japan, France, Singapore, Scotland, Mexico. I use these tips at all these places. I do bring international converter for my blender. I once started a small smoke fire at the St Andrews Turnberry hotel, short circuited many blenders in Europe and Asia too

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